Mrs. Kelly’s English Assignment: 2007

A Year Ago

A year ago I remember,
When your eyes first locked with mine;
The room around us began to blur,
As my heart began to pine.

Found myself daydreaming in class;
My notes had naught but your name.
My feelings were as fragile as glass,
And yet I continued to play this game.

To you I was merely the best of friends;
I shared your happiness, your sorrow, your pain.
Emotions camouflaged, to you I’d tend,
Before your words began to wane.

Halfway between lunacy and sanity,
Locked into my own thoughts was I;
Alone with only whispers of your memory,
Until there was nothing left to do but cry.

Sadly I fell in love with someone,
Who merely saw my efforts as a pun.
Oh how I wish of the ache there was none;
But its too late, the damage is done.


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