Mrs. Cook’s English Assignment: 2005

A World Slowly Falling

My teacher assigned a prompt today
And when asked for the topic she gathered her book
Signaling to the story we had read yesterday,
She said, “Go home and write a page tonight
And let the page come out of you
And then it will be true”

Wondering how we would write such a page
Our heads leaned towards the desks
Defaced with drawings and little notes
Entertaining our wandering minds for maybe a minute or even more
Pens dropping here and there to give us an excuse
To look around the classroom and see how far the others have gotten

Yet in many heads,
The paper in front played a façade
Hiding their thoughts from prying minds
Thinking of only their problems out-of-school bounds

Worrying about best friends,
Plotting against the most hate enemies,
Backstabbing or gossiping about newcomers,
Falling in love with classmates around

Thought too young to be dealing with these emotions all at once,
There is nothing anyone can do now
Because the world isn’t a happy place where people become friends at an instant
No, because there is too much hatred and not enough love

A friend could be a friend one day
And then suddenly turn her back on you the next
An acquaintance could be the outsider one day
But suddenly takes your place, leaving you as the outsider the next

The world is full of gossip
And our hearts with envy
If only we could have set an example beforehand
It might have not resulted in this ending


The bell goes off
Suddenly awakening us from our deep sleep
As if a buoy was being thrown at us,
Saving us from drowning in our difficulties
The door wide open, bringing in beams of light
We walk away from our class and problems like any other human, thinking we’re right

I honestly believe that Mrs. Cook considered having me committed after reading this.


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