About A.

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Hi! Welcome to my “About Me” page. The only post in this entire blog of 9 years that has been edited countless of times as I figure out life. What can I say? I’m a work in progress.

Here are some fun facts: My full name is 26 letters long, longer than Chrysanthemum, and the same length as the American alphabet. I don’t have a middle name, but the first part of my first name means infinity and the second part means music, so I like to think my first name means infinite music. But wait! There’s more – my last name literally translates to ‘Lion King‘, which I think is appropriate as I believe my Animagus would be a lion. Not enough information? Google “ENFJ” – it’s pretty spot on!

I am currently in the midst of chasing a passion of mine – becoming a physician. So you can expect to see posts that describe my journey through medical school. However my gap years have taught me that I am so much more than a student – I am a wanderer, explorer, and adrenaline junkie to name a few. So you best believe that there will be quite a few “soul-searching posts” as I reacquaint myself with me. Posts on life, health, music, aspirations, relationships, finances, all with a dash of hopeless romanticism. I may not be a teenager anymore, but I do have a young soul.

I don’t have all the answers, nor do I have any insight on where I will be five years from now. But I believe that unexpected events occur for the better. My only wish is that you might be able to learn a little something from my posts and perhaps even begin to appreciate serendipitous acts in your own life. Cheers!

<3 A.



6 thoughts on “About A.

  1. Hey! Like your blog site – its really nice and i enjoyed reading what you put in it (: We’re almost there! just half-a-year more and its college for us :O! keep up your good work and give it all you got (:

    Chris A.

  2. Hi, Accepted.com runs an interview series (http://blog.accepted.com/tag/med-student-blogger/) with med school applicants and students in which we feature your blog and talk about some of the successes and challenges you are facing (or have faced) in the application experience. We’d love to feature you and your blog. Are you available to answer 6-7 questions via email? Can you please email me at sarahp@accepted.com? (Sorry, couldn’t find a contact form!)


    Sarah Pritzker

  3. I love your optimism in just living in the moment and taking the time to really find yourself before going to med school.

    As someone who had a roundabout way of taking a year off before starting med school, I am a HUGE proponent of taking time off after graduation to adjust to living in the real world! Once you get in the swing of things with school, a lot of other things you used to prioritize in your life really have to take the back seat because there simply isn’t enough time for everything. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I guess just growing up. :)

    Good luck with the application process-I can’t wait to continue to follow you through your blog!

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