Saved By The Book

This past weekend, I had a lovely opportunity to see one of my best friends get “coated” at her white coat ceremony for the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Along with the excitement of seeing my friend take that first step towards her future, I was equally elated that I would be making this trip via airplane. While I have been on airplanes tons of times for international flights, it was my first flight domestically and just knowing that I’d be off the plane in 90 minutes versus 17 hours was thrilling. Therefore, I didn’t really plan to bring anything with me for my flight. I figured I’d get an hour cap nap in and then be on my way to her apartment. But as always, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Due to a somewhat long security check process, I ended up missing my 4 PM flight and had to wait at the airport for another four hours for the next available flight to Sacramento. At first, I thought I wouldn’t make it through the next four hours as the wi-fi at LAX was a bit skittish and I didn’t bring any tangible books with me. But then I remembered that I had a copy of Suicide Med on my tablet from the extremely talented and funny Dr. McFadden aka Dr. Fizzy. Having already fallen in with her writing through her anecdotes on her blog and her first book, The Devil Wears Scrubs, I have been looking forward to giving this new book a try. But between summer school, work, babysitting, and planning for my upcoming Thailand trip, I hadn’t found the time.

click for an excerpt!

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you view the glass), missing my flight gave me the time necessary to get started on what ended up being a thrilling read! After a late night and early morning the next day, I ended up finishing the book, which completely blew my mind from all its twists and turns. The story was told from a variety of perspectives which really drills in the lesson that there are always multiple sides to one story. The plot line completely veered left from what I predicted would happen and really ended with a bang. Plus, you get some interesting medically-relevant facts and some great study tips in general. So if you have a chance, definitely check out Suicide Med by Frieda McFadden. It’s a wonderful, easy read that will be sure to get your inner-Nancy Drew all riled up. And it turned my missed flight from a low to a high point of the day. [:

Happy reading,


P.S. – On a funnier note, despite my efforts to be on time, my return flight ended up being delayed. First, the incoming plane hit a bird so maintenance had to clean the windshield before letting passengers onboard. Second, the airlines misplaced the jet bridge that connected the gate to the airplane. Seems like I should look into downloading a few other books for these unexpected occasions!


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