Facebook Farewell

I’ve always voiced my desires to close my Facebook account. Although I love being connected to people, it soon became a hassle – especially back in the day when I made an effort to wish everyone a ‘Happy Birthday’. Like every other young adult, I checked Facebook constantly and used it as a way to measure my own self-worth. This past year, it began to dawn on me that perhaps I should exit the Facebook world once and for all. One of my good friends, Tim, left Facebook a few years ago and although he isn’t “connected”, it just makes the relationships he does have that much more meaningful. Diana and I have recently been discussing meaningful relationships – friendships from high school and college that will see the end of five, ten years from now. I want those relationships. As much as I care for everyone – and maybe that’s a problem within itself, I care too much about EVERYONE – I don’t honestly want to know what’s going on with those people that I didn’t build a relationship with. And to be honest, as I am on this path of self-discovery and self-establishment, I really don’t need to know who’s gotten engaged or who will be getting married … who has gotten into medical school or who has landed their dream job. Unless it’s someone near and dear to me, I – and so sue me, I’m human – will be jealous. And green is just not a good color on me. So it’s farewell to the jealousy, the sulking, the temptation, and just passing the time by by seeing what others are doing. I’m living my life. In what way? I’m not sure yet – what I am sure is that it’ll be a whole lot better than simply being on Facebook.

Until next time, farewell!

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 1.41.16 PM

<3 A.


One thought on “Facebook Farewell

  1. love you so much <3 I agree with the decision you made. I wish to deactivate again after sometime. It isn't healthy and honestly, I tell my close friends via text or email what is going on in my life, so why use FB? Always here for you :)

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