Break Time Thoughts

Sometimes, I wish I could be absolutely and completely honest with people. Especially those who I am close to. I know that what I have to say will be hurtful, but it would be better in the long-run in terms of relationship building. I mean, if you love someone, but are increasingly annoyed by that one characteristic – such as their tendency to make you feel childish and inadequate – isn’t it better to point that out now? And if that person recognizes this quality and attempts to fix it, then that friendship can continue forward. Whereas on the other hand, if these annoyances build up, one day this relationship may crack permanently. Or maybe, similar to a life partner, if you can’t accept someone whole-heartedly, perhaps they’re not the right friend for you? So is this an example of trimming a tree – is it time to just cut those branches off? I believe that any relationship – romantic, platonic, etc, requires work – so I should be able to speak truthfully, in a kind manner, rather than holding it in, right? Wrong – I’m too afraid.

[Edit: Posted this on Tumblr and JKo said a few words that I thought I should post here below]

Do that and you might end up with only a few close friends – but they’re damn near your level and get along fine with you. Or you’ll have no one, because you’re too blunt. Both are still better than being kind though, ‘cause you’re not being you.


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