Hello there,

To many of us, showering is a normalcy (or at least, I’d hope so!). We shower at least once a day either at the beginning or end of the day and think nothing more of it. However, I have come to appreciate those long, hot showers, especially after a stressful or tiresome day. Showers where you can pretty much unwind and let go and let the water wash through you and wash away every worry you ever had. But just yesterday, I experienced a new benefit of one of those hot showers. As we all know quite well now, I’ve had major writer’s block as I try to churn out a personal statement for graduate school. I’ve been postponing it for so long now that I’m sure my recommenders are a little annoyed with me. But yesterday, as I was letting the hot water run down my hair, words began to naturally flow through my mind as I subconsciously began to write what was an undeniably amazing statement. I pretty much written a good three pages in my head during that twenty minute shower. However, similar to when you wake up from a dream, stepping out of that shower slowly brought me back from that innovative space and by the time I had dried off and settled down, most of it was forgotten. I remembered a few key aspects here and there, but even when I tried to branch off of the subject today, it was like pulling out of thin air. So I decided to take another shower. And would you believe it, I began to write again. It was so cathartic and melodic that I wanted nothing more than to have a piece of paper and pen right there with me so I could get everything that was spewing out of mind. I stepped out of the shower and got a few ideas down, but I really feel that my best work may have to wait until I’m back in the shower once more.

Thought this was an interesting piece I’d share with all of you – feeling blocked? Take a shower!

<3 A.


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