Last Minute Decisions

… are sometimes the best!

Seriously, after a rough week in school, sleep, and research, I didn’t think my average day was going to be looking up any time soon. I’ve always said that I have wanted to go to Coachella, but to most people, this seemed like an unrealistic statement. Either they didn’t believe that I actually was serious about going or they couldn’t see me having a good time there. However, every year, I check out the line up and even though I know I (regretfully) won’t be attending, I sign in at 10 AM to get tickets. So this morning was like any other where I saw the site blow up with reservations for Weekend 1 and 2 coming in.

confirmation email!
confirmation email!

Earlier that day, I had sent a text to the CEC directors asking if anyone was planning on going to Coachella. As I sat there, looking at the ticket page, I realized how this year was probably my best chance of attending this event given that I want to a) pursue a Master’s degree outside of California and b) possibly pursue medical school. Also, who else would I go to Coachella with? Diamond Bar kids? Too nerdy. JPAACKS? Too broke. It had to be CEC people. So this was basically my last year. So imagine my happiness when my little noob, Claire, turned her chair and said that she would do it – spend $350 and go to Coachella with me. And with that declaration, and jumped onto the site, entered the information, forked over the money, and got my confirmation email. I WILL BE GOING TO COACHELLA 2013. Now if that isn’t beautiful timing, I don’t know what is. Yay for spontaneity.

More happened today, but let’s just end this post with: ONE CHECKMARK ON MY BUCKET LIST YO!

<3 A very essited A.

P.S. – Another highlight, maybe not as grand as the one above, was my shift at IDP.  I got to spend some time with Nathaniel’s mom discussing my future as well as Nathaniel’s delayed development. It was interesting hearing about his percentile range – I had no idea that his language development was just as stunted as his walking. It’s a shame – physical and speech therapy and he’s not even 1.5 years yet! But I think she noticed the special connection I have with Nathaniel and I hope that I can continue that relationship for years to come.


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