As always, I feel like I need to remind myself how grateful I am to be where I am today. It’s really the little things that can pull some forward and even the four of us, sitting around our donated table and sharing meals/conversations, makes me feel grateful for where I am. Sure, I may have been knocked on, but someone’s definitely watching over me to ensure that I am not left in such a vulnerable position.

Likewise, I am very thankful to have had James as a resident this year and to have that relationship between RA and resident form into such a nice friendship. He is currently over encouraging me to finish my Amino Acid Concentration lab early. And we all know that due to my horrible habit of procrastination, I would have probably been doing this lab two hours before it was due. So I’m grateful that I can depend on him as a friend and classmate this quarter. The push to work is much needed – especially if I want to reach my goals.

Cindy still taking pictures of us
Cindy still taking pictures of us

<3 A.


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