Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

“I’m going to pop some tags, only twenty dollars in my pocket …”

IMG_0852 Hello! Not going to lie, before tonight, I really had no idea who Macklemore was. But I guess, neither did the rest of the world until he blew up this past December. So it was through my sister’s recommendation that I listened to his hit “Thrift Shop” and prepared myself for CEC’s best concert to-date. And let me tell you, if I never go to another concert for the rest of the year, I will be satisfied. Tonight’s concert was AMAZING. I’m so glad I decided to go – I definitely was having some doubts beforehand. And what was even better than hearing “Thrift Shop”? It was Macklemore’s introduction for his latest hit, “Same Love”. The song is about equality and gay rights, so before he began to belt out the music, he took a moment to show his support and solidarity for all the gay couples out there. Now I have quite a few gay friends. In fact, you might say that I don’t have any other men in my life other than gay men. So seeing their faces, full of tears, as Macklemore made a special shout-out to them, was priceless. And the song was beautiful. I hope to always have that memory with me. And as much as I love Mary Lambert’s vocals, my favorite line – the line that gives me shivers is,

I might not be the same, but that’s not important

No freedom ’til we’re equal

Damn right I support it

At the end of the day, love is kind.



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