Tikkun Olam


I’m a little on the blue side today. It’s finally hit me that I’m going back to UCLA tomorrow. I mean, it has been absolutely amazing doing nothing for three weeks. I know life cannot be like this forever – or else, what is there to live for? But at the same time, I know that these short breaks will also come to an end very soon. I keep trying to remind myself about the positives of going back – but even autonomy does not wash the apprehension away. It’s a new year, a new quarter – but as much as I try not to think about it, last quarter still frightens me. 

Other than taking my sister for a hurrcut and eating a great lunch, nothing much happened. I’ve put off packing for a while – I’m about to delve into that and who knows when I will really, truly be done. 


One noteable thing about today – I began to really read Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I loved the movie so I thought, why not? There’s a great quote that I’d like to close out this post with.

“One part of Judaism called tikkum olam. It says that the world has been broken into pieces.All this chaos, all this discord. And our job – everyone’s job – is to try to put the pieces back together. To make things whole again.”

“Maybe we’re the pieces. Maybe what we’re supposed to do is come together. That’s how we stop the breaking”

Tikkun olam,



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