Wisdom Teeth Extraction Pt. 1


Upper right tooth, large and intact. Lower right tooth, bloody and in shambles.

Today I got my wisdom teeth out. Well, not all four. Just the right side. And let me tell you, once the anesthesia started to wear off a few hours later, that pain kicked in like no other. So now I’m here, sipping soup, barely parting my lips to eat mashed potatoes.

I was a little bummed that I wasn’t given my tooth after the surgery. We ended up going to good ol’ KS Prasad rather than Dr. Chew, and he insisted that only two teeth should be taken out and wasn’t really into the whole sentimental value. All in all, it was an interesting procedure. For the bottom right wisdom tooth – since it was growing horizontally and on the nerve – he cracked it in several places and had to slowly chip away to get every piece out without damaging the nerve (although there is like a 40% change of permanent nerve damage!). For the top one, he simply turned my head once, and pulled it out. Maybe that’s why my bottom jaw hurts more than the top currently.

That’s alright – my mother and sister are doting on me and it’s great to have an excuse to be in bed in my pajamas. Hopefully I get much better by tomorrow so that I can go in on Friday and get the last two pulled out and over with. Then I can start the school year off without having to work about appointments.

See, I'm smiling.
See, I’m smiling.

Another odd, but nice thing that happened today was during the time that we had left Dr. Chew’s office and were waiting for Prasad to open up, my father took me out for breakfast at Denny’s. Now this was after a somewhat ugly fight on New Year’s Day, so it did caught me off guard. And although we only exchanged a few words during the entire meal, it was nice to do something, just the two of us. Even if the tone was somber due to it being my “last meal” of the day. Which, with what else I’ve had today, pretty much sums it up.

My mother also translated a few horoscopes that were being read on a SunTV program special. According to her, this year is supposed to be a 79/100 in terms of being good. Also, I should be wary until March 3rd or so. After that, I can travel and what not and it’s smooth sailing until the end. But most importantly, “what I have been dreaming about – but haven’t said out loud – for the past few years, will finally come true”. We all know my mother, so we know to keep things in perspective when hearing these “predictions”. But it’s a great way to pass the time – especially when one is bedridden such as myself.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s to happen.

Chipmunk over and out,



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