Where the Light Is

Perhaps after seven years, I’m finally being released. I’m not sure whether those restraints were of my heart or mind’s doing. But glancing at the direction I’m currently going, I feel that I can finally be free of what has been holding me down since high school. That would be beyond amazing – to be free of something that hurt more than helped. And because everyone was right – I could do better. However, I’m afraid to delve into this potential. What if I misread the signs? What if there was no potential to begin with, or worse, someone already filled (or has continued to fill) that spot? Would I spiral back down and end up in the same spot I was in the past seven years? Or would I come out a stronger, more independent person? Regardless, I feel like this is a must. I need to get over this and branch out – what, with this being my last year in college and all. I need to simply take a leap of faith and see how my cards play out. If things work out – well then, I finally have found that picture that I would not be ashamed of sharing. We shall see. Because at the end of the day, everything happens for a reason.


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