Let’s forget the fact that I’m freaking out about my future …

My mother wanted to have a “heart-to-heart” today so I was like, okay, fine, I can do that. She wanted to know why I was having doubts about medical school and I told her about how at the end of the day, I only want to go to med school because I want to be a pediatrician. So (hypothetically), if they were to announce one day, that no one else could be a pediatrician and that was that, I would drop med school in a heartbeat. Actually, I’ve been trying to relay this notion to both my parents for years now about how I want to go into a career that involves working with kids.

You know what my mother says? You’re not a “children’s person” at all. You’re lying to yourself. That’s not your character.

Oh, so that joy I get from working with kids? Probably fake right?

Geez, great “heart-to-heart”.


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