“My cuteness interferes with people listening to my message.”

True words spoken by Lily Aldrin on How I Met Your Mother. You know, for a simple tv show, I’ve been learning/discovering a lot about life.

I may not be terribly cute, but the quote above applies to me nonetheless. There have been countless times where I have given people advice (sometimes backed up by firsthand experience) and what do they do? Wave it off or turn a deaf ear, only to REALIZE later that I was right. I’m not saying I’m this all-knowing being, but seriously, there’s sometimes a lot of weight in what I say. But instead of acknowledging that my advice might actually matter, people tend to be whatever about it and then later on say “oh I realized such and such”. Oh really!? Like you didn’t just hear me say the EXACT same thing a couple of days ago. Weren’t you the one who blew me off and told me not to worry about it? Look, I am only twenty years old. I have a lot of life to live still. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen a few things here or there already. And I’m super self-conscious, so when I do muster up the courage to speak up, it’s through good intent. LISTEN – don’t think I’m just another girl, another friend, another person who doesn’t know any better.


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