So this past weekend I, unexpectedly, hung out with a lot of the guys. I don’t know how that happened, but it literally would come down to just me being the only girl in the group. Now to some, like my dear mother, this would be absolutely scandalous. And yet, it kind of felt sort of awesome to be one of the “bros“. Of course, I don’t know if they saw me like that or shoot, even purposely extended me an invitation into their ‘brohood’. But let’s face it, with a group of girls there’s ALWAYS drama. And to be perfectly honest, girls are bitches. Period. Including myself. They love each other and all, but I feel like that bond between bros, or that bromance, is sometimes so much more loyal. And when you’re surrounded by that much testosterone, the conversations aren’t as deep and nerve-wrecking as they could be. Not to say that guys don’t have meaningful, deep thoughts or conversations. They do. But less of that “analyzing every single spoken word”. There’s more joking – a lot of dirty humor. You don’t have to filter as much and they just tell it like it is. It’s sort of refreshing y’know? Or I might just be trippin’. But seriously, and some of my other girl friends agree too, sometimes it would be so much better to be a guy.


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