“You need someone to take care of you, everybody does.”

Well hi there,

I initially wanted to post this on Tumblr, but apparently there is some technical error going on. Yes, even if it’s only 4 AM, it’s never too early (or too late) for technical difficulties. For a while, I’ve been trying to write a non-offensive post and actually publish it. And when I say non-offensive, I mean not offending a particular person because I accidentally mention someone or something that they are some way connected to. Darn six degrees of separation. Anyway, I have way too many drafts and simply writing half of my thoughts down ain’t cutting it. So let’s see if I can actually get some words flowing.

I just finished watching Love and Other Drugs. It’s definitely NOT one of those movies that you NEED to finish watching once you’ve started. In fact, I’ve been watching this movie in segments throughout the past two weeks. And I only finished it after sort of forcing myself to do so. However, being a hopeless romantic, the ending was somewhat cute and the quote above definitely stuck with me.

I cannot believe Week 9 is basically over. One more week and then it’ll be finals and before we know it, another quarter of my college life is done. Where have the weeks gone by? In fact, the first three months of 2011 are just a blur. As always, I’m behind in classes both learning and material wise so it’s another weekend long episode of ‘A. Playing Catch Up’! Joy. But it’s not even that, I feel like I’m behind on the college experience as well. Say, and God forbid this happens, but say I fail out of college or something happens tomorrow. I want to say that I lived the optimal college experience. But with the quarter system, everything’s just fast-paced. I was talking to a friend yesterday who was mentioning that the bright side of this rapidly-moving quarter was that Spring Break was nearing. However, I retorted with the fact that I’d give up vacation in a heartbeat if I could just have those first few weeks of the quarter back. And he agreed – so I guess I’m not the only one feeling like I’m trailing behind life.

Yesterday (Thursday) was one of those bad days, where there was a series of unfortunate events that could not be stopped. Basically uncontrollable hair + the unbearable sense of failure + a lost possession + people + lack of sleep + feeling ‘fat’. And to top it all of, a long text message from my dear mother which included, and I quote “Why can’t you be normal”. Jeez mother, like it’s not already hard enough feeling as if I can’t fit in anywhere. Oh, and my roommates are Lil Sis’ s for this fraternity, Theta Delta Beta and their installs are tomorrow . . errrr, tonight, so they’ve been making these gifts for the guys who are about to cross with them. Which means a lot of spray-painting. INSIDE our dorm. Which is SMALL. Stupid? Very much so. So for about 7 hours, while they’re at dance practice, I’ve been trying to air our the room, but I think I might die of spray-paint fumes.

But as always, a day always seems better when it follows a horrendous day, and so far, these three hours of ‘Friday’ have been looking up. I found what I thought I lost and after taking a quick nap and a long, hot shower, I am now catching up while listening to some songs, don’t judge me, from Glee. And while I write this post, I’m trying to think of some good news to share so that y’all don’t think I’m ONLY this emotional bearer of bad news. Because I’m just so much more! Har har.

Let’s see, good news. Well, I sort of know where I’m going to be next year, so it’s not as dark and mysterious as it could be. It looks like I’m going to be one of those kids who stay on campus all four years – I’ll be an RA next year in Rieber Vista (: It’s still sort of weird for me to say out loud, especially as it’s next year and doesn’t affect me at all in the present. But still, it’s something to look forward to. I won’t lie, when I first found out, I was sort of shocked that I wouldn’t be in De Neve another year. However, a friend and I explored Rieber Vista a couple of days ago, and the view is ABSOLUTELY stunning. Sure there were other things, like a huge room and what not. But that view is what makes me excited. Oh, and the fact that being on the RA Staff means I can actually upgrade my meal plan to 14P. You know what that means? I can SWIPE people in now. I can swipe everyone AND their moms! Yippee! Haha.

Congratulations if you’ve gotten this far in the post. Believe me, I know there’s nothing juicy up in the posts above so if you’ve read through it all, you’re quite the trooper. Let’s see . .

Well I’m stuck with school this summer again. However, I’m involved with a phenomenal volunteering opportunity. It’s called Unicamp and is UCLA-unique – basically, we raise money to send underprivileged kids to summer camp for a week and we get to be camp counselors. It sounds absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to start a Facebook event page promoting my fundraising page because this is such a great cause. And since I personally never went to a summer camp when I was young, this will allow me to experience what I missed out on. AND, we have camp names, so I’ll be forever known as Aloë [:

While my roommates may accidentally kill me with these fumes, I still absolutely love them and I know that it was meant to be. What I mean is, I’m actually thankful that I became an Alternate RA last year and was not picked up this year. If I did, I would have missed out not only getting to know two of the most fabulous people in my life, but also living in the top bunk of a bunk bed. Oh and meeting other people and learning valuable life lessons about myself. Another case of serendipity I suppose.

Speaking of meeting people – I want to reconnect with certain people. That’s another flaw of a fast-paced lifestyle, it’s certainly harder to maintain certain relationships. But I guess that’s also an indicator of how much effort is put in by both parties.

Last random fact of the night/early morning before I retire – I never thought much of Topher Grace, but after seeing him in person, I have to say, he’s quite cute. Speaking of, I’m going to be a girl right now and just ask, “Where are all of the cute guys in UCLA”? I mean, there are not as many as one would there are – gosh, empty promises by all those people. As vain as this sounds, I’ll be completely honest and say that I want a reason to go a boring class, even if it’s just for eye candy and what not.

Well, I’m certainly not going to end such a long post with a vain thought. Let’s see, I reached the ultimate level of procrastination a couple of days ago when I work up EARLY and ended up camera-whoring and what not for hours instead of being productive. Yes, definite fail. Let’s hope for some progress from now until my next legit post.

Until then, Aloë over and out!

<3 A.



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