Gift Giving Philosophy

In Going the Distance, the opening scene involves Leighton Meester’s character asking Justin Long’s character where her present was. Justin Long rebuffs by saying that she told him she didn’t want anything and that if she wants a present, they could go out and buy one now. But she responds by saying that that wasn’t the point and she just wanted him to get her a present, not because she told him to, but because he genuinely wanted to.

This is sort of how I feel. Yes I know, if you want something, just say it straightforward without any hesitation. But when it comes to nice gestures, whether as simple as acknowledgement or as grand as birthday presents, I don’t want to be selfish and just tell people what I want. Seriously, I don’t want to demand a compliment or initiate the planning of a surprise party for myself.

I want people to do these things because THEY want to. I want to deserve that little treat because other people genuinely thought I deserved it rather than it feeling like I semi-forced them. Does that sound about right? Just a thought at 11:55 pm.


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