I Believe

I am currently sitting on the bed, watching Christmas movies and TV specials. And to be honest, it really doesn’t feel like Christmas is tomorrow. I mean, sure, the lights are up, the Christmas tree is set, and the songs from KOST 103.5 have been pouring out of windows. And yet, the same excitement that I used to feel when Christmas came has pretty much extinguished. Back then, there would be presents wrapped and under the tree a good week or more before and I would find myself in the living room, every night, just sitting next to the three, trying to guess what the presents are. My sister and I would write letters to Santa Claus, even after I found out the truth, just for my sister’s sake, and we’d post them up on the wall. We would even make sure there were cookies and milk and that the Christmas lights were on all night long so ‘Santa’ could find his way. But it’s as if, as soon as my sister stopped believing, the magic was extinguished. My mom wanted to go about things in a more practical manner, which meant, taking us to Kohl’s or JCPenny’s and having us pick out clothes for a certain amount, and voila, christmas present. Or buying one thing we wanted, and not even wrapping it, because there’s no point right? I made shirts for D’FAT. I mean, I stitched those things best to my ability. And my mom just sits criticizing my work and how I could have easily just bought three snowglobes or whatever and saved myself the trouble. But where’s the spirit of giving in that?

– A.


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