Hi there,

When I was four, I prayed for a little sister. I didn’t just want any sibling, it HAD to be a girl. Apparently I told me mom that if it was a boy, we would give him away. Haha. But yah, I sat every day in the prayer room, asking for a sister. I said I would give up my toys, I would give up television, and everything else I could give up as a 4-year-old. And then my mom had my sister. Gah, I was absolutely ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to care for her and hold her, etc. But of course, being so small and young, I couldn’t really do any of that. And when I was old enough to watch out for her, she was old enough to talk back to me -.- We’ve always had this love/hate relationship. My mom swears she absolutely adores me – and that when I went off to college she was quite mellow for a while. And I of course, picked UCLA over BU because she came into my room and asked me not to go. But there’s always been that envy, as my parents outright favorite her as she is the youngest. I mean, we all know this. And my sister milks it for all it’s worth by playing the “baby card”. I mean, so fine, our age difference wasn’t great enough that I could care for her. So couldn’t it be close enough that we could be each other’s rocks? I kept waiting for her to turn an age when we could finally talk about “girl stuff” – guys, school, etc, and she wouldn’t say “ewww” or run to my mother and completely call me out. Elementary school passed … then middle school . . and even the first year of high school. Nothing. I was seriously convinced that either a.) my sister was that innocent, delicate angel my mother describes her to be or b.) she had a problem.

But last night, we FINALLY had a dish-out session. We kept talking until about 4 AM and she told me EVERYTHING that happened in her life. And to return the favor, I gave her the ups and downs of my roller coaster of a life. And all I can say is, wow, that girl kept SO much a secret! Part of me is absolutely happy that I sort of have this “rock” in the family now that I can talk to and rely on. And part of me is proud of her and yet shocked she kept this from me for so long.

<3 A.


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