Everything Happens For A Reason

So I’m not going to lie. My self-esteem took a blow when I didn’t get Entertainment Chair for Relay Board in our Colleges Against Cancer club. It wasn’t necessarily the fact that I didn’t get it (because believe me, I have been through so many situations where I end up not getting what I want or applied for). But I think it was because I had a gut feeling that I had no chance. It sucks when connections and favoritism take over. Ah well.

tumblr_l393jdyMy31qzbfzao1_250But then on Friday, I found out that I had been offered a position for our Campus Events Commission. And not only for any category, but for FILMS :D I get to call agencies and hold special sneak previews of movies months in advance and $2 movie nights! And what’s even more unbelievable, is that unlike CAC, CEC (haha) is widely-known throughout campus if not the entire Bruin WORLD. I mean, this organization is 45 years old and had guest speakers such as Martin Luther King Jr. come as well as awesome bands and singers. Therefore tons of people apply and I get to be a part of it next year (:

Now here’s the catch: to be a “filmsie” on CEC, I have to make sure my Tuesdays are free from 6-8 pm. CAC usually has its meetings on Tuesday from 6-7 pm. Therefore, if I DID get Entertainment Chair, I would have had to give up CEC all together.

So moral of this story? Good things HAPPEN. And usually just around the corner of a bad road. And sometimes these bad events happen for a REASON. What’s that you say? SERENDIPITY? I think so. (:

<3 A.


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