Who knows you best?

So in Education 150 today (RA class), we were talking about self-discovery and being able to better understand ourselves in order to understand others. We ran out of time to actually do this activity, but there were a bunch of questions on a slide that geared towards describing yourself to someone else. One of the questions was “Who knows you best?” Now while my instructors were giving us an example by doing the activity between themselves, I was pondering on who I would say knows me the best. Would I say my mom? Probably not, because she only hears what she wants to hear and therefore only knows a part of me. My sister? Ha – up until this year, my sister and I were at each other’s throats constantly because of my parents’ ostentatiously display of favoritism towards her. My friends? Probably not – which makes me go into those best friend groups. D’FAT? To be honest, they could have POTENTIALLY been the people who knew me the best, but this year we have grown too far apart. PAACKS? I would say definitely, and you know, it might get there – but because of high school and all of its demands, I couldn’t really hang out with them as much and therefore, they weren’t part of my life during some of the hard times I went through. What about some of those other individuals? Maybe, but I feel like I still have to change myself in some way.

So it’s led me to the conclusion that there isn’t that one person out there who knows me best. Not even inside and out, but just, knows/gets me. And this thought makes me very sad.

<3 A.


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