Sometimes …

Sometimes …

I wish happy moments never ended. Getaway trips or random excursions could keep going. So much that my heart aches.

Sometimes …

I wish I didn’t choose UCLA. That I went off to a university in the East like I originally planned and had a clean slate and absolutely no one knew me and had expectations.

Sometimes …

I wish I was really smart. Or actually pretty. The life of a party or calm/collected. Or had SOMETHING going for me that wouldn’t make me some total failure.

Sometimes …

I wish I was a year younger. Bluntly, because I feel like I have/will never fit in.

Sometimes …

I wish I had parents who were traditionally American. Or I guess, not so stoic and harsh. People who are used to hugging and saying “I love you” on a regular basis. Because, thanks to them, I’m awkward when it comes to hugs, comfort, and love.

Sometimes …

I wish I wasn’t so headstrong or stubborn. That the thought of changing paths would not scare me so much. There’s so much I want to CONSIDER changing – from my current major to my profession. But the thought of change I guess, scares me.

Sometimes …

I wish I didn’t think so much. Or was as emotional. So I could actually be sleeping at 2:30 in the morning -.-


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