Gilmore Girls

Did you know … that freshman year was the hardest year in high school for me? I loved sophomore year, thought junior year was merely challenging, and thought senior year was hell because of college apps and IB. But the year I hated was freshman year. Why? Because it was the first year of hardcore Color Guard combined with subjects that weren’t quick and easy. There wasn’t any of that fun, middle school stuff. It was long practices from 3:30 to 9 at night with tons of homework afterward. And of course, constant yelling from Michael, the squad leaders, Mr. L, etc.

So what kept me sane? Coming home after 5th period every day (even though all the other kids stayed during 6th period for practice), eating a quick lunch, and turning the TV to Gilmore Girls from 2 – 3 pm. That little hour between school and practice made everything THAT much better. It was definitely my antidepressant for the year. And I think a well-deserved kudos goes out to my mom, who willingly drove me from school at 2 and dropped me off again at 3:30, knowing that that hour of Gilmore Girls helped A LOT. You might think I’m crazy. But I bet you didn’t know how much of a fan I was. (:


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