Jump Then Fall

I had time to think it all over
And all I can say is come closer
Take a deep breath then jump then fall into me

I’m loving college. I think I am finally being the person I’ve always been, but too afraid to show. The person who openly wants to go out and meet people – dance, like no one’s watching, at frat parties and just enjoy life. The person who in truth, is quite liberal, and therefore would rather say “Better safe than sorry” rather than “Abstain completely”. No, I don’t think smoking and doing drugs is acceptable. However, unlike some other people I know, I am not going to look down upon people who do. I understand that experimentation is sometimes necessary. Same with drinking. I think that if you know how to handle your drinking, then having a few drinks doesn’t condemn you to hell. I really dislike those people who are so stubborn that they are disillusioned, believing that they’ll never drink at all. I’d rather have a “this might happen” reaction, rather than an unbelievable “this will never happen at all” mindset.

Ultimately, I want to have said I jumped and fell than to have remained in my bubble for the rest of my life.

<3 A.


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