Rallies and Outburst

I just participated in my first protest in something I believe in, and let me tell you, it was quite invigorating. I have always had strong opinions about certain issues, but once in college, I have realized that I am quite liberal. Other than the topic of abortion, which I am against, I fight to redefine boundaries and against conformity. Therefore, hearing that the the fees for public education were going up another notch infuriated me. Throughout the ages, education has slowly developed from a privilege to a right. Why is it then, that California is upping the prices to a point that people have to opt-out? True, we’re living in such a disastrous economy that certain actions must take place. But there has to be another solution. And I wish we could all sit and come up with this solution, rather than taking drastic measures. The UC Regents seemed like they could care less and the UC President kept saying that financial aid would cover the fee hikes. But then why are there still sob stories out there? Obviously, there’s more that we’re missing. But even we, the angered students, don’t know what to do, which is obvious, in the numerous televised interviews where students relayed their unawareness of a solution.

And that’s just it, at the end of the day, we’re students who want an affordable education. So was it necessary for the 14 arrests on Wednesday? Or the number of taser attacks? Or for the row of hardcore policemen, standing in front of Covel, with their guns out and ready? I know it was a serious situation and many people decided against participating in fear of the outbursts, but when you feel passionate about something, all the extras should just diminish. Because only with passion can the unchangeable be changed.

<3 A.


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