So I’ve done quite a few stupid things in my life. Maybe even more than the average person. Believe me, I am far from perfect because of all of the idiotic acts that I have undertaken. But I believe that my most recent “epic fail moment” takes the cake for all the stupid things I have done added together. I really don’t know what I was thinking. I mean, usually, I am quite rational and I always suspect that there’s something going on. So why I did what I did yesterday, no idea.

I was walking back from class, pretty excited because it was Friday and I was good for the weekend. I’m about to walk up the hill to the dorms when this one lady stops me and starts sucking up to me like no other. That should have been my first clue, but I guess because I was in such a good mood, I decided to just stop and listen to her offer about “free salon visits”. Now see, in UCLA, we get TONS of free offers, well because we’re college students and are cheap. I’ve benefited from these offers before and I guess I thought this was just another one of those “freebies”. Grant it, I still hesitated when she asked if I wanted to sign up, but when she told me I had a three day grace period, I was like, sure, my name/phone number, what can it hurt? So I was signing papers and she suddenly asks for an ATM card to verify my offer. I asked her if anything would be charged, but she laughed and said that the card would definitely not be charged in 3 days, if not 15 days. So I agreed, gave her the card, signed a contract, and went off.

I swear, I must have been high or something yesterday, because today, I decided I didn’t want the offer, and went about to call her and cancel. Except, when I called, I kept getting a message saying that the phone number was not taking calls at the time. I then proceeded to go online to the site and find a contact number there. Nothing. I began to research and I found out that there were tons of people who had been scammed by the company as well. So of course I go onto my bank account and find out that I have already been charged money.

Don’t worry, I have canceled my card and filed a claim form for the money that the company took already. But what upsets me is not that I was scammed, but that I fell for it in the beginning. Really, I wish I had been drinking or on an actual high, so that I can justify my stupidity with that. But honestly, where in the world was my mind at? I know I’m not supposed to give out my card to a stranger. I know I’m supposed to be careful with the information I give out. So WHAT was I thinking? It makes me doubt whether I really am as strong as I thought I was, or if I can just as easily break down the next time I’m in a situation. It makes me afraid.

*** PAC Promos IS a scam***

<3 A.


One thought on “Scammed

  1. HEY YOU!
    Falling for a scam doesn’t make you weak in anyway. With all of the weird greedy people out for your money, there’s no way to avoid something like this completely. You’ll do the opposite of “breaking down” next time because you’ve had this experience. :)
    Take Care,

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