Moving Out and In

Saturday. The day I was waiting for since July finally came and quickly went. I was able to move out of my house and into my dorm. Although technically, I didn’t move out of the house since my presence is required every weekend, the thought of having a sanctuary of my own where I can make my own decisions pleases me very much. My first day as an official college student revolved around unpacking and making the dorm into my own. Once I was finished I felt much more ‘homely’ with the posters, pictures, and little figurines. I wanted my side of the dorm to scream “me” and I think it does just that. Although my roommate unpacked and left for the day, I was certainly not alone. My best friends came over and dropped in for a surprise visit. It was crazy fun walking around campus and starting to formulate a mental map within my head. Although, the crazy times were interrupted every 5 minutes due to my parents calling me to check up. I think they are currently experiencing separation issues. -.- Haha, but that still didn’t kill the moment.

Other than the fact that classes haven’t started, the only other thing bothering me is that I haven’t met as many people as I wanted to. So far I’m sticking with the DBHS kids. Although it’s great to have them, part of me really wants to branch out and meet people with various backgrounds with maybe similar tastes.

That’s why I’m pretty happy that the rest of the DBHS kids aren’t dorming with one another because I at least have their roommates to socialize with. Although the plaza is similar to a residential hall, not many doors are open so I can’t socialize with my floor as well. Today was Bruin Bash and I had hoped to mingle with people during this event. But the concert didn’t really offer a good atmosphere to just talk and by the time LMFAO actually came on stage to play, we all just wanted to leave. Didn’t go to the dance or movie either because we were visiting other dorms.

That’s why part of me wants to go to a frat party or join a major club/sorority to meet different people, branch out, not be seen as the same girl I have been viewed as since elementary school. Maybe the Club Fair later on today will provide more outlets. Let’s hope so.

<3 A.


2 thoughts on “Moving Out and In

  1. yea…you would think that you’d have SO many opportunites to meet people on such a GINORMOUS campus…don’t worry. i’m you’ll meet the right people (and the wrong) in time.

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