Class of ’09

Despite how much we competed with one another or simply got sick of seeing the same people, Class of 2009 was really one of the best classes ever. I’m not only talking about the class I graduated with, but in general, ’09 made its mark on history. We were the biggest graduating class in American history and every high school was impacted by our class. It might be the pride that’s making me talk about it right now, but in actuality, this topic comes up every day. Class of 2009 in DBHS for instance, didn’t have just one achievement. We really did run the school with our excellence in sports, academics, and in the arts. Although I know that the other classes had their quirks as well, we really were the top. We had the brightest and the most stupid (I mean, really, what other class had people jump off the J building?). We brought in the talent and when we left, we made a huge impression. I’ll predict right here, right now on this blog, that the next, Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, and all those other leading figures of society will result from the students of ’09. Because ultimately, we are the change.

So to all of those upperclassmen, who taunted us when we were freshmen, commenting on how pathetic we were and that our class would be the worst. What now?

<3 A.



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