In psychology, we learned about a technique called systematic desensitization where one goes through a series of increasingly stressful events that helps them react to a certain stimulus in a neutral way. For example, for those who are deathly afraid of spiders, they would

1.) see a picture of a spider

2.) touch that picture

3.) see a real, dead spider

4.) hold the dead spider

And so on, until he or she are finally fully comfortable in handling spiders without running away in fear. However, sometimes, the act of desensitizing doesn’t need an expansive or complicated process linked to it. In fact, in some cases, we just need to keep witnessing the item constantly in order to produce the neutral response.

That’s why, though it is informative and important, I feel that the news broadcasting stations take away the initial emotions we’d feel if we saw those events occur for the first place. Let me put it in simpler terms. How many times on television, or on the radio, have we heard reports of rape or burglary. Countless right? And I think when we were younger, hearing something like that caused a shiver to run through our body. It made the world stop for a second as we realized that we didn’t really live in the fantasy world we dreamed of. However, as we got older, and we began to hear more stories, that feeling of fear went away. Oh? Another robbery? I’m not saying that we don’t care. I mean, we’re human, so of course we have hearts.

But . . . how big of an event does it have to be to catch our attention nowadays? How detrimental does it have to be towards mankind for tears to form in our eyes? Do we really need shootings, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters to ban together? Thousands of accidents occur daily, whether they are crashes, homicides, suicides, etc. And although they might only affect a handful of people, they still HAPPEN. It shouldn’t take the deaths or sorrow of many for us to open our eyes. A break-in should be treated with the same fear, anger, determination to change the world, that say a tsunami would bring in. That’s the only way we’ll find the world changing. Because John Legend’s right,

“The news said that sky is falling, globe is warming

My country’s warring, leaders are lying, time is running

Nowhere to go baby, nowhere to go”

<3 A.


One thought on “Desensitizing

  1. John Legend!!! <3
    this reminds me of something i read in The Five People You Meet In Heaven:
    Each affects the other and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one.

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