A lot of people have blogs, or some sort of output that they pour their thoughts and emotions into. Now, some of these blogs are intended for the masses, while others are for personal usage only. Some talk about worldly issues and others talk about the blogger’s daily life. Whatever the reason behind it, the certain blog is owned by a certain person. And therefore, acts against it shouldn’t be taken at all. Even if the issues discussed oppose your own beliefs. Even if the blog goes to the extent of writing cruel and foul things about a set person. Because in the end, despite the many hypocritical events we witness daily, we live in America, and therefore we are entitled to freedom of speech. A couple of days ago, I came across a blog that was rallying up supporters against those who use their blogs to broadcast their boring lives. Here’s a thought though, if it’s boring and pointless, then why even read it? Why not let the writer be, while you go off and do something worthwhile?

However, if you insist on commenting, then go ahead. Any blogger who advertises about his or her blog signs an imaginary contract that he or she will not be offended by any criticisms they may or may not be given. So a snide remark will not force one to step away from their source of relieving themselves and likewise, will not make you any better of a person.

For those of you who still read my blog or simply come across it one day, first off, welcome (: Hopefully, this blog will inspire you like many have inspired me and make you think afterward. However, as I declared above, I have no expectations and neither should you. Just, enjoy and let your mind wander. Comment if you can because I absolutely LOVE comments – please and thank you (:

<3 A.


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