Matter of Minutes

In a matter of minutes and with a blink of an eye . . .


– One wrong maneuver results in a pass turning into a fail.

– The sudden urge for adventure takes over rational thinking and you suddenly find yourself hopping out of the window and over the gate.

– Another’s spoken thoughts and gestures influence your own individual ideas

– Friends are made and enemies are formed, boundaries both form and dissolve.

– An impulsive action can cause a change in major and a minor to be chosen.

– You find yourself looking at a stranger, when in reality, you thought they were one of your closest friends and the love for one person is replaced with pure spite.

– A child swimming happily in a pool can suddenly drown and all that can be really seen and heard are the mother’s desperate cries.

– Choosing the right amount of words is the difference between fantasy and reality.

– A deep rift can form within a family.

– A well-thought out plan can prove disastrous and a simple lack of judgment leads to hundreds of dollars in damage.

– The sun, which was setting so slowly beforehand, can disappear before your eyes.


And that pretty much sums up my entire July. Funny how in June, the days seemed to mesh together until they were one endless string of time whereas July came and went within a blink of an eye. It certainly doesn’t feel as if a month . . or 31 days have passed by, and yet, so much has happened. No, I’m not referring to those events that were planned and set in stone. In fact, it was those events that defied destiny and were decided upon within a matter of minutes. Whether the results were fatal or fortuitous, every detail listed above had some impact on my life. And I suppose it all goes back to that belief that every decision we make in our lives carries some weight. No decision should be made on a simple whim, but likewise, life isn’t going to wait for you to make one decision. So should one simply freak out and give up on life all together? Of course not, because life is a learning process and as Robert Frost once said,In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.”

<3 A.


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