Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Do you believe that? That sometimes a mere, insignificant picture can offer so much more than the spoken or written language? I know it may seem unheard of, that everything you’re feeling can be relayed in a certain rectangle, but I believe that at certain points, yes the snapping of a camera is mightier than a pen. Words can only take a person so far because mankind does not have the highest intelligence to depict every emotion he or she feels into words. Therefore, the word love, for example, is better expressed in a picture, rather than just the word itself. However, a picture can only take one so far. Words allow a story to come to life and give the viewer more background information. So then what’s the perfect solution? Words and pictures coming together, forming the perfect alliance in order to produce a touching arrangement.

Anyway, I finally learned how to embed videos into my posts on this blog and it has made me quite “video happy”.

The video below is “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift. Now I’m not going to lie, I still believe that “Love Story” is the best song Swift’s ever written, but the only reason I post this song up is because the video is absolutely cute. And besides, it fits with today’s theme right? A picture is worth a thousand words. (:

<3 A.


5 thoughts on “Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

  1. omg -_- that..is my favorite song..by my favorite author…songwriter./singer..lady…and its..like soo cute..and the girl is cute and like.yeha…and you have such awesome taste in musacs :[… THERE I COMMENTED :D <3

  2. Nice words twin, I agree that there are times when words are better than pictures, and that a unity between the two is the best solution. Here’s hoping i can create such combination with my future art ^^.

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