So it’s Sunday night and the time is nearing midnight. Lydia just told me that the brain repairs itself between the 11 pm – 2 am and even though I’ve taken Biology for 3 years, I can’t seem to remember if this information is true or not. I’m afraid to look because that means my staying up is actually detrimental to my mental health. Which ultimately means I’m screwed. So while I’m avoiding this, I started to think about horoscopes and the truth in their words.

Have you ever went through an entire day and then looked up your horoscope for that day and was taken back by how similar the two were? I know that personally, there would be times like that and I would then read the following days’ horoscopes in order to gain some insight for the future. Likewise, I often think about the compatibility of certain signs in the back of my head when I meet a special someone. However, this is where I do draw the line. Although horoscopes are often accurate and are not some cheap, viewer attraction, I do believe that when dealing with the signs, we should tread with caution. Although I am staunch in my belief that my soulmate is a Leo whereas Freddie believes that a Gemini’s soulmate is an Aries, I am not going to go up to someone I think is great and say “Hey, you’re wonderful and all, but you’re not a Leo, so this won’t work out”. That’s just plain idiotic. On the contrary however, I do believe there is some truth in those daily readings and such, and overall, they provide us with valuable information that we may be too stubborn to see.

So what’s the final conclusion? Read your horoscopes but take them lightly. And if you’re strictly a practical person, then hey, you’ll at least get a good laugh out of it. Because what’s the worse that can happen by just reading them?

<3 A.


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