Dark Blue

Yesterday not only marked my first week of being a high school graduate but the day I became legal as well. However, it honestly does not feel as if merely a week has passed. I believe Father Time is playing a joke on us all again, because this one week has felt like on month of summer vacation. Graduation feels as if it was months ago. Even the early morning kidnapping of Freddie that occurred today seems like it happened a day or two ago. So what does that exactly mean? Are the days going by so quickly that events are becoming a big blur in one’s mind? Or are the days knitted together into one big picture that has no beginning or end?

But if that were so, then shouldn’t time not be rushing by? But that isn’t the case. I mean, it feels as if it was minutes ago when I woke up after crashing and it was 7 pm and now I look at the clock and it’s 12:40 AM. Really, it feels as if I’m watching my life go by through another medium of viewing.

It’s not only time that seems to be twisted lately. The weather is another significant aspect. I was currently looking through past pictures while my case of insomnia passes, and I realized the irony. All the pictures taken in January had such a bright sun in the background, and yet all the pictures that have been taken in June are so gray and gloomy. I know its childish to say that the sun is the source of happiness, but I truly find the heat more comforting than the cold. The present weather makes you feel alone and in search for warmth. Maybe that’s why more people are admitting to feeling sad for no reason. Just having one of those “Dark Blue” days.

Haha, well either way, I didn’t get my birthday wish to see my lover, the sun, on my birthday. :/ It’s alright though, the gifts, and more so, the PEOPLE made my 18th birthday so memorable. Words really can’t express what I felt (: One of my favorite things that I received was from my sister was this little bracelet from Knott’s that has my name engraved on it. Although it’s nothing fancy like from Tiffany’s or whatever, it means so much to me that I’ve been wearing it 24/7. However, I’m slightly afraid that showering with it will cause it to rust and break ): Let’s hope not . . . now in search for a necklace (:

Random thoughts I know. I think the senioritis/summer has jumbled my brain -.- Hopefully once I start up a “systematic routine” again, things will fall into place.

Until then, I need to buy a lotto ticket during Relay for Life tomorrow!

<3 A.


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