Golden Mean

Hi kids,

So I originally wrote this post yesterday, but WordPress was being really weird and didn’t save any of my work. Thus I am forced to write this again with the mindset of yesterday. Bear with me as I try to recall. Well, first off, I finally finished my high school career on Friday and to mark the end of one chapter, I have decided to shed the salutation “Hello kids” all together and make my posts more direct. I mean, one of my hopes with college is becoming more independent, and therefore, I don’t want to formulate each post as if I am writing a letter to someone else. I would rather be direct with my intentions than beat around the bush. However, I know that my familes and friends will always be by my side, so taking away the greeting does not mean things will change. I’m just, growing up (:

So this upcoming is the first summer where I have no classes, Summer School, Color Guard practices, SAT prep sessions, and overall studying in general. This is the first and probably last summer where I can just relax. And to kick off, my friends and I decided to go to the beach tomorrow. However, I tell my mother this and she tightens her lips and tells me to ask my father. So I’m like, alright, whatever you say. However, after seeing how calm I am about it, she starts making tons of excuses why I shouldn’t go. And they all add up to the same message: you’re having too much fun. Really now, it’s not as if I haven’t heard this for the past 17 years, does she really have to say it now too? My mom just really doesn’t understand. She was raised in a completely different situation, where family was everything and friends were nothing.

I mean, I love my family, but I want to grow old with my friends too. I spent the past four years’ running around during lunch, never being able to spend the entire time with my lunch group. Thus, this summer should be dedicated to them. We all know that I lost a passion for school a while back, being forced to learn every single day. I think it’s because I was at one side of the spectrum constantly and soon just got sick of it. And that’s why, when I got even  a small drop of fun, I would overexercise it until it was maxed out. It’s like not having water for two weeks straight and then getting a bucket of it but being told to only take a few sips from it. You of course can’t help yourself and just dive head first. Not saying that water and fun are on the same level of importance, but I think it is necessary to exercise that need to have fun this summer so that when I go to UCLA I can sit down and really concentrate . . . get that thirst for knowledge to reappear.

So really, I just need that golden mean. The happy medium between pleasure and work. Hopefully I will be able to achieve it.

<3 A.


2 thoughts on “Golden Mean

  1. Good Luck with finding that Golden Mean. but it’ll be pretty hard this summer b/c you technically don’t have any work.. do you!?

    Btw, you still owe a beach trip with me too!! Perhaps i’ll count the ib one.. hehe (if your mom is so strict!!) I can go!! b/c i don’t have church on that day.

  2. Hello mommy ! :)
    I totally understand what you mean.
    And especially because I’m not as gifted in smarts .. it’s sort of even worse for me.
    I go to the movies like once a year and they say it’s too much fun ..
    I have to go out to do some project and they complain that I go out too much ..
    Or that I’m out studying, they never believe that I’m really studying!
    ): So yeah.

    I hope you can create your balance when you go to UCLA. <3


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