Prom 2009 (:

Hey kids,

Now that Prom has finally come and gone, I wish it was still a week away. There were so many great moments, even before the day of.

getting readyyy
getting readyyy

But although the day has passed, those memories will live on. Don’t get me wrong. I mean, it wasn’t as if planning it was a party. I mean there were many ups and downs. Such as the growing number of people in our group, people wanting in then out, and then of course, finding a sweet ride that fits 30 people. And of course, when you have a big group, it’s hard to communicate with everyone as well as decide upon something unanimously.  However, the planning was still completed before AP/IB testing and everything was set. All we had to do now was wait for the big day to arrive.

Brandon was so cute. He counted down in such a serious manner. “3 days 1 hour 10 minutes 31 seconds until prom”. And since I didn’t have 0 period all this week, we spent the morning just talking about the awesome night we would have. The dress was found, even though it was so big it was alive, the nails were done, and now I just needed to put my perfect plan in action.

But remember, perfection is rarely achieved.

We totally owned Prom (:
We totally owned Prom (:

Young and I promised ourselves that we would go all out for Prom. And to keep true to this statement, we were going to go to sleep at 8 PM and wake up at 8 AM so that we had a good 12 hours of sleep and wouldn’t crash during our night of fun. However, I couldn’t go to sleep until around 11:30 and I ended up waking up at 5 and just laying in my bed. I finally got up and waited for Cheryl to come over so that I could do her hair. We were a little late, which meant a little late for hair and make up once Diana came. Yet, we were able to get back to my house around 12:15. I then attempted to make sure Diana’s bun would stay in place all night by securing it with 24 hair pins. It fell out before dinner -.- Ah well. Haha, we then ate lunch, watched a bit of One Tree Hill, and got the last post on our “Prom Thread – try#3”.

We arrived at English Springs Park and the first thing I noticed was how wonderful everyone looked. I know this might sound conceited, but stepping out and having everyone beam at me and rush over made me feel like the most loved person on earth. So the parents came and tons of

The man who pulled off white so well!
The man who pulled off white so well!

pictures were taken. And our wonderful Jessica Chen and her camera, Bob, came by just to join in on the lovely moment. Our corsages/boutonnieres arrived and our “sweet ride” – 30-seat Excursion still hadn’t arrived. We were nearing 2:30, which was the time we had to arrive at Imagix. And finally it came. And as Kelley would say, it was a “monster”. I swear, the thing was so long and as it tried to back into the parking lot of the park, it blocked traffic for a good 5 minutes. We jumped in and two minutes hadn’t passed when everyone sweated like mad. The AC wasn’t turning on in the back and there was one sole bottle of Apple Cider which was consumed in a minute.

We arrive at Imagix an hour late. Dinner reservations were at 4:30 and in order to ensure that we had our place, 70% of the 29 people had to be there. So we split the group in half and all of us who took pictures already ran to the limo. Now, the limo driver, although he was very sweet, had no idea where we were going and missed streets here and there. There was one point where we entered the Disneyland parking structure and all of us were just like “what the hell?”. But during this long duration, my little masterminds came up with a brilliant plan. First, Yolanda called the restaurant and pretended like she was crying. She told them how the limo broke down and how we were running late. The lady totally fell for it and when the manager came on the phone, Jasmine talked to him with her pro Mock Trial skills and bought us extra time. We then decided that Roger and Jo would run out first and we would follow afterwards. And once we were seated, we would put the guys’ coats and the girls’ purses on all of the chairs so that it looks like everyone was there.

Now I think the waitresses knew what was going on. They kept looking at us, pointing, and just talking among themselves. But I think we were pretty slick. We told them how the limo was so hot and how the girls needed to do “damage control” in the bathroom. So yes, that’s why there were 15 people gone. And to make it seem more real, I had the girls go to the bathroom and disappear for a while. I think they had fun though, camera-whoring it up. And of course, the guys got jealous and needed to do it as well. Haha, by the time the other half of our group came by and we ordered, it was 6:30. Thank god I made sure there was plenty of time between dinner and the dance so that we wouldn’t have a repeat of Homecoming. Although we didn’t get to go to Cue at the end, I think it was better to have a calm, sit-down dinner. I got to know Yasamin a little better and Tim/Jeff became more aware of the creepers out there!

Once dinner was done and the money was finally split and paid, we went off to the hotel, which was like a block away. Walking into the hotel was a dream. We entered into the ballroom and the sight was amazing. Class of 2010 really outdid themselves. The venue was great. The photo booths, pool/air hockey tables, and carictures were just wonderful additions. And soon after, as the Leos are prone to do, we began to dance like mad.

my besties <3
my besties <3

Now mind you, everyone around us were getting REALLY dirty, but I think we did a pretty good job keeping it at a minimum. Oh my, so much dancing, my legs were absolutely sore the next morning. Haha, dancing outside of the dance floor and just going crazy. Seeing all of my other friends there and screaming, hugging, taking pictures after pictures. I loved every second of it. I think my favorite part was slow-dancing with Tim to “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. We really are alike in so many ways and I was glad I was able to dance with at least one of my sons (: Jeff was totally smooth on the dance floor while Aaron was making up moves left and right. And of course April was the center of our dancing, as always.

At the end, we all filed out and waited for our ride to come and meet us. As we piled in, Diana and I were finally able to snag the back, or the VIP seating, for D’FAT. And as we sat there, legs stretched out and talked/listened to one another, fatigue began to creep up. Diana’s head on my left shoulder, Tim’s on the right, and Freddie’s head on Tim’s shoulder. And we all “slept”, or at least rested, so peacefully, connected. I think it was at that moment I realized how much I was in love with D’FAT. God, I will miss them, no doubt. Moments like that are just . . indescribable. But of course, the moment had to end, and we all left the limo. We took one last picture, and althought that certain moment was scarred by some shady business, as Gary would say, it was still precious, especially since Jessica and Gary were able to meet up with us. Then, once most of the kids departed, we decided to go up and watch the stars. But first, we needed to roll down the hill! Rolling down the hill in my prom dress. That is one story I will be able to tell over and over again. Oh and of course Dominic’s hilarious outbursts. The cussing, the “raping” and sexual references to Ivana, and of course his fixation with Diana’s butt.

We went up to the place where the three flag poles were and laid down on the cement and watched the stars. There was this whole plan of going to Kristina’s after-party but it was such an amazing sight with such wonderful people, that I think the idea of such a party was totally out of our

leo family (:
leo family (:

minds. I love watching the stars. I love looking up at the clouds. I love having time to just look around and appreciate the sights we take for granted daily. And then it was nearly 3 AM. So D’FAT piled into Tim’s car, and we drove off to my house first. I was dropped off first and once I changed, I looked through the pictures I had in my camera one last time, and then went to bed . . . and woke up 4 hours later -.-.

I am currently looking through all the pictures and writing up this post. I don’t want to forget anything from last night because it really was the best night I have ever had. Feel free to add your own memories and thoughts because it makes this post that much better. You guys made my Senior prom so special and I love each and every one of you. I know it wasn’t perfect, but as Katherine put it so well, “A seemingly perfect plan will never run smoothly, but it is those little imperfections here and there that ultimately make everything memorable.”

I love you.

<3 A.

i'm so lucky
i'm so lucky

hottest dates (:
hottest dates (:


11 thoughts on “Prom 2009 (:

  1. 1st! LOL.

    Thank you thank you thank you! for doing my hair.. and i’m glad i was able to be one of those imperfections to make your day more memorable.. haha

    I am super HAPPY! that you had a fantastic night/entire day ..haha

    My memorable moment was when i saw you and screamed! :) i was so happy at that moment just seeing my ib bestie that i’ve grown so so ! close to during these two intense years of ib. Thank you for being you, Anantha! =)

    love love, Cheryl =)

  2. Mum, prom was seriously special. :] Mostly because you had fun and owned it :D …despite some shady business going on. ;]

    with love,
    oldie moldie daughter <3

  3. It was wonderful getting to share the day with Leo Family :)

    and I think I can speak for everybody when I say that Prom wouldn’t have been the same with you Mom! <3

  4. this blog is not going anywhere! it will stay here forever and ever and we can all come back to it when we’re in college feeling nostalgic…

    Prom was D’FAT and I wouldn’t have it ANY OTHER WAY! <3

  5. Though Prom was a special night, there’s still plenty more memories to be excited for!

    A year from now when we look back at this, we’ll tell ourselves F’DAT shady business that went down and D’FAT it up!

    We owned the night and I couldn’t have imagined Prom any better than what it was :)

    <3 ambitious son.

    P.S. Let’s take a hike on the trail someday :]

  6. Yay! Glad you had fun even though not everything was perfect! ^^

    “Life is a lot like jazz…it’s best when you improvise.” ~ Gershwin

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