Random Epiphany

Hello kids,

So it’s currently 11 pm, Friday night, and while talking to Young, I came upon this huge conclusion. Well maybe I secretly knew about it all along, but it wasn’t until I typed the words to Young that I discovered I had come across something big. Anyway, we were talking about all those lovely couples that are currently strong in our Senior class right now. Now some of those couples are absolutely cute where it is as if it is a match made in heaven. However, there are other couples where you just wonder . . . Haha, so we were talking about the schools these couples were going to and how a lot of them were going to separate schools. Now, most people would think that this is the end for these couples. But really, is this just one of those big tests that the couples are put through? Distance if often beneficial, because it is when you’re far away that you realize how much the other person means to you. Or not. Through this distance, one can find out how faithful the other is, or, one can find out how much it really wasn’t “meant to be”. So maybe, instead of striving to maintain the relationship by meeting up with your beloved every day after their classes end, give them some S – P – A – C – E. Or, if your situation is the other way, where you wait and see what happens instead of brutally cutting it off before you give the relationship a chance.

I understand, you can’t expect your high school sweetheart to be your future husband or wife. But I think many of us suddenly become afraid at the thought of leaving and going away. So afraid of the pain it will cause and the tears it will bring to our eyes, we decide to just make a clean cut. Now. Without a warning. Without a proper goodbye. And what good does that do, I ask you? Wouldn’t it be better to fight your hardest to maintain a relationship that really means a lot to you rather than destroy it way before? I know a few cases that have already occurred this year and it saddens me to know that those friendships are completely gone. Humans are naturally afraid of the unknown, but that’s no excuse. We are also predisposed to love. So why make it harder and cut every person who makes us happy out of our lives? Good question.

<3 A.


3 thoughts on “Random Epiphany

  1. wait.. . a bit confused. what was your ephiphany then? is it that couple’s should:

    give each other space
    don’t cut it off too soon
    so basically stay in relationships!?

    Lol… sorry i didn’t really understand what you were getting at…

  2. but it does make me think and ponder the complications in relationships -both boyfriend/girlfriend and friendships.

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