Happy Tamil New Year!

Hey kids,

இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள். Iniya Tamizh Puthaandu Nalvazhthukkal. Happy Tamil New Year (:

Keeping up with the vernal equinox, today, April 14th, marks the first day of the traditional Tamil calendar/Hindu solar calendar. So of course, there’s all this celebrating going on in India, Singapore, Malyasia, and Sri Lanka. Now before I go on any further, let me explain that ‘Tamil’ is the language I speak – there’s no such think as a ‘Sri Lankan’ New Year, so hopefully that clears up the majority of the misconceptions out there.

Haha, so anyway, it’s just one big party day today as we ring in the new year. And I have to say that today was actually a pretty good day. I think it’s because I was wearing yellow. For some reason, even if in actuality, it is a terrible day or the temperature is dangerously cold, if I’m wearing yellow, my spirits still remain quite high. That’s why I like wearing yellow – it not only makes me happy, but I think yellow brightens other people’s days as well. Of course, it’s not my favorite color, but it is something I like to wear. And that’s why I’m trying to find that perfect yellow dress for this year’s prom.

So the last Friday of Spring Break, and ultimately my last day that was completely school and homework- free, I went with my Leo family to visit UCLA. Now prior to this I was battling between BU and UCLA. I thought that maybe going to UCLA, I’ll finally be able to make up my mind. So we all stepped onto campus, and honestly, my first opinion was really just “Oh”. There wasn’t any sharp intakes of breath or not believing my eyes. UCLA pretty much reminded me of other college campuses

"The Bear", Eileen, Nancy, and Leo family <3

I’ve been to. We walked to ‘The Bear’ and took pictures with it and then went into the UCLA store, which reminded me of a Borders. Then we walked to Nancy’s Chemistry lecture. Now, the Chemistry lecture was interesting at the beginning, but within 30 minutes, I could understand while most of the other Leo kids bailed, because it had gotten to be terribly boring. And the lecture room itself was not that appealing. However, Nancy assured me that that was one of the oldest lecture halls on campus, so hopefully, the others look better. Then we met up with Eileen and went to look at both her’s and Nancy’s dorms. Now Nancy’s dorm was a suite and the moment I walked in, I was hit with this intense stuffy atmosphere. The living room was cute and all, but the dorms themselves are like cabins and are so far away from campus. Eileen’s dorm on the other hand was a plaza and more modern. However, if I were to live in De Neve, I think I’d spend more time in the library because the walls are literally like 7 feet apart, so it is as if you are sandwiched. I wasn’t able to check out the Residence Halls, which are the dorms for the social butterflies, but from what I’ve heard and seen, the plazas are the best. Then we went to eat at De Neve. According to Kristel, Eileen, and Silas, the food, which was heaven to Elliott, was actually the worst of the week. And since UCLA’s food is the best in the west and I thought the food I had was good, I wonder what the real good food is? But from what I saw, the majority of the kids didn’t seem to have the “freshman 15”. I think it’s because they all go to the gym and work out. After lunch, we went to Diddy Reise, which has the best Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches for $1.50. The Westwood area itself was quite interesting and quite different from Diamond Bar. Then we just walked around UCLA some more and it was time to leave for our Leo family dinner at Buca di Beppo.

So from this account, one can see that while I had fun at UCLA because of my Leo family, the campus itself didn’t really impress me. Tim kept saying how I should visit Berkeley, because the campus is so much more beautiful – and hearing the other IB kids’ testimonies, it seems as if that is true. But, I knew that from day one, I didn’t want to go to Berkeley, no matter how pretty it looks. Then I hear that a girl I know who goes to Cal Poly Pomona, got accepted into Harvard Medical School. If she can get into the top medical school with a school literally 20 minutes away from home, then why should I go to Boston? Even if I got nearly a full-ride there, I still need to factor in airfare and such, which totals up to be higher than UCLA. And then I thought, wouldn’t it be better if I went to UC Davis (the cheapest of the schools I applied to) and graduated as one of the top students in order to get accepted into great grad. schools, rather than go to LA just for the name and struggle and ultimately not get into any medical schools? Then I thought about my friends and family. Like most teenagers, I want to get away from my parents and finally gain some independence. However, hearing my sister say that she’ll do anything if I stay and go to LA  and my best friends cheering when they found out I got in, signifying that I wouldn’t leave them. I mean, I know people change. I know that ultimately, once the Leo family graduates from high school , they will all go their separate directions. But, just because everyone will separate, doesn’t mean I should distance myself automatically. If anything, I’ll always have my friends and family no matter how far. And then the tie-breaker . . . Kristel straight out asked me “Do you like the sun? “Do you like the beach?” Now anyone who knows me, would know that I am truly a summer child at heart. The sun/beach and I have such a heated romance going on. So when I told her “yes”, she flat out told me “Boston would be hell”. And I know that’s 100% true, because sure, I may be able to adapt, but I won’t be as happy as I am here.

The college experience is truly what you make of it. You can go to Cal State Fullerton and have the best time of your life or you can go off to Harvard and feel like dropping out in weeks. Regardless of the workload, high school really has shaped me into the kind of person who can form her own path. I’m not afraid to go out there and get the experience I want as I was a few years ago. So I think . . no, I KNOW, that the college I have chosen is a place where I am already comfortable at and a place where I can simply grow.


So ladies and gentlemen . . . . for Fall 2009, I will be attending . .


At Buca Di Beppo (:
At Buca Di Beppo 









Go Bruins! (:

<3 A.


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