Hi kids,

So this past weekend was jam-packed with emotions. Right after 2nd period on Friday, I was so angry, I was near tears. Why you ask? Because Mr. Iwanaga refused to give me my password to check my grades online. He started making up this excuse of how he told us in the beginning of the year that we were supposed to make copies of our password and how the only way he could recite it to me is if I gave up part of my extra credit. Now really, I can totally take a joke here and there, but when a teacher stands between me and my grades and thinks it’s funny, that is definitely the last straw. Haha, I remember during lunch, I was ranting to all the IB juniors about how I was going to write a blog dedicated to bashing him.

However, by the time I finished practice and started getting into the whole Middle School dance, most of my steam had blown off. When part of my Leo family and I went to Cherry on Top afterward, they gave me hope that something could be done and April even offered to come in on Monday to talk to Iwi herself (which worked by the way). So things were starting to look up. But remember, this is life, and life is full of ups AND downs. So Saturday night, after spending a great time with Nancy and Eileen and looking forward to going to UCLA, I come home to find out that the entire Leo family won’t be at any event all together. Tim can’t make it to Relay for Life. Color Guard overshadows the Easter Egg Hunt, Diamond Bar Birthday, District Meetings, and Talent Show. And to top it all of, Daylight Savings was on Sunday. So at that time, Diana and I had succumbed to just saying “FML.”

But then Tim sends me something that just brings a whole new light. He sent me a link to a speech he made about gratitude FRESHMAN year: Tim’s Gratitude Speech. I mean its common knowledge to say “thank you” to those around you and give thanks for all you have. However, in the stressful lives we occupy today, sometimes, a little gratitude is forgotten. We often take for granted, the people who are near and dear to us, because we hold this conception that no matter what, they will always be there for us. But sometimes, a simple “thanks” is needed, just to let them know that you appreciate everything they do for you.

Likewise, one must also be grateful for his or her own self. We all contribute something to this great world and therefore we must embrace ourselves and be proud to be who we are. There is no “perfect” person. If all of us were able to gain perfection, life wouldn’t be as interesting anymore. Therefore, every flaw and impurity that our body contains must be seen as additions to the overall beauty of ourselves. I won’t go overboard and say that your body is your temple. However, we must treat ourselves with respect before we are able to show respect to others. Ultimately, follow-through with practices that make you HAPPY. Eat well, sleep well, excerise, explore . . . dream, believe, listen. Because, if you’re not happy, what’s the point of your life?

So the question of the week is, “Why do we have a Spring Break”? In actuality, I mean, why do we have long periods of “breaks” in general. But since Spring Break is on my mind, we’ll use that particular example. Why do we have such a week off called “break”, when it really isn’t a break from life’s pressures and demands? Schools give us this week in order to rest and prepare ourselves both mentally and physically for the last two hardcore months of the school year. And yet, we are still plagued with SAT/AP preparations, college decisions, and other worries. And to top it all off, school itself adds on about two week’s worth of homework and projects into this one week assuming that we’ll get it done.

How exactly is one going to respect himself and be thankful for who he is, when there is no break in between to contemplate upon all he has achieved? It’s funny . . . everything ultimately falls back to T.I.M.E. Oh Father Time . . . you and I need to have a deep discussion soon!

So, as Diana and I are still on that “gratitude high”, I just want to say thank you to ALL of you. Even if it’s just to the same two people who always read my blog, I just want you to know that I am so grateful that I was able to meet you and I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Thank you for always being there for me and just know that I absolutely, positively, undeniably love you! (: <3 (: <3 (: <3 LML.

<3 A.


2 thoughts on “Merci

  1. Aww… glad you got that Iwanaga problem fixed up! Now you can convince your mom that you don’t have the D that she sees on your progress report card. O.O

    I love you!!!

    btw, what’s LML?

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