Thnks Fr The Mmrs

Hello kids,

So for eight days now, I have been trying to write SOMETHING. I mean, I have all these thoughts clouding my head, but I couldn’t seem to take out one and thoroughly describe it. They all seem to come out in fragments. I think these fragments are the cause of my weird behavior lately. For example, I would be talking to someone, and suddenly, I would say something randomly because my brain completely switches to a different topic. Is there some kind of hidden meaning to this? For right now, I don’t. But when I come up with the resolution, I will definitely let you know.

So three current fragmented thoughts? Roses. Reform. Rain. Haha, the three ‘R’s’. Hmmm, so there has to be a connection correct?

“You know, this is the 21st century.” How many times have you heard or used that quote before? I know I’ve  worn out that quote by repeating it to my parents numerous times. The 21st century, where women are considered equal to men and technology has taken communication to another level. Where so many innovations have lessened the burden upon one’s shoulders, and yet, has produced conversations such as “Thnks fr the mmrs”. Don’t get me wrong, I love growing up in the 21st century where I have endless possibilities in front of me. However, I still wish there were aspects in life that remained old-fashion.

For example, the rain. Right now, it’s so bothersome for us, because we can’t get out and explore the world. But come on now, even if it wasn’t raining, would we really lift ourselves up from our beds, chairs, couches, and go outside? The only real difference is that the normally-sunny look inside your house has been replaced by a dark gloominess. But back then, adults and children the same, would go outside and dance in the rain, completely letting out all their worries. Rain has always been a purification factor in literature and yet, the regard for rain has changed over the years to the point where we see it as the cause of sickness and pain. 

Haha, the classic couple dancing in the rain. So cliche right? And yet I think it’s one of the most romantic things that can be done. Of course, it could be my hopeless romantic side talking. But another thing that lightens up my life? Roses. We have so many roses in the front of our house, and if you just took a stroll around there for a couple of minutes, you wouldn’t want to leave. Yellow, pink, orange, and red roses. Every single one is different, and yet they all hold the same meaning. That beauty can be as simple as a flower and if it’s worth it, all the negatives, such as the thorns, disappear. I absolutely adore roses, but sadly, the demon gardener cut all of them down to stubs, so now I must wait another month before they grow back. ):

So in these cases, I wish our lives weren’t accelerated and heightened. Instead of the guy coming to a girl’s house with roses to say “I love you” to her, we have drastically simplified to a mere text saying “I luv u”. Doesn’t that sadden you? Well, here’s a way to slowly reverse it. Whenever you’re not doing anything, as in, you’re just sitting around chatting or watching tv, do something that requires more effort. If you wanted to just say hi to a long-time friend, instead of writing a quick email, sit down and write a letter. Because at the end, it’s the effort that shows how much one really cares. (:

<3 A.

5 more days until Youth Symposium 2009!! (: (: (:



2 thoughts on “Thnks Fr The Mmrs

  1. i think you would thoroughly enjoy a trip to USC rose gardens. it is completely gorgeous. i think we should plan that for the summer :)

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