Wiser, Really Now?

Hey kids,

So yesterday I was upset over my music issues, but I realized that compared to other circumstances in the world, my concern was mediocre. I mean, we have purgings going on in other countries and we have our own economic crises going on. However, there are issues that I witness in my daily life that I feel are not as trivial as a full library.

Adult. What does that word actually mean? According to the American Heritage Dictionary, an adult is someone who has attained legal age or maturity. So the adults in our lives make mature decisions right? Not only are they older, but they are wiser. I’m not saying that adults are perfect and therefore cannot make any mistakes. I mean, according to our laws, most of my friends are adults now and they sure aren’t any wiser as they were at age 17. But really, adults have gone through all the obstacles we have, so they’ve learned most of the lessons that we are currently learning. So why is it that certain adults in my life insist on acting like children, forcing adolescents such as myself to have to step up and do their jobs?

So in my previous blogs, I wrote about how unusual it was that my Color Guard instructor still had not signed our guard up for any shows this upcoming season. I mean, even in October this alarmed me, but I thought that I was being my neurotic self, and therefore should wait patiently because SURELY the adults would pull through. Well folks, today is January 28th, and the first show of the season occurred last week. So hello, what’s going on?

Before I was worried because of this whole Youth Symposium busniess and how if I found out before that we had a show during that weekend, I wouldn’t go with the rest of my Leo family to the Youth Symposium. However, now I could care less. I know that’s pretty sad of me to say, but really, I tried everything I could to find out if there was a show during that weekend, and NO ONE could give me an answer. So I made an educated, an “adult” decision. I’m going to the Youth Symposium. PERIOD.

So why does this matter still upset me? Well personally, and I’ve talked to other Seniors as well, it doesn’t matter if we don’t have ANY shows this year. I mean, we had our share of shows and we put all our effort and heart into this guard. But if circumstances beyond our control such as financial issues and our instructor losing interest in us happen, then we just have to suck it up and accept it. HOWEVER, there are still the freshmen. The freshmen who joined guard because we TOLD them how fun and worthwhile it would be. How disappointed would they be if they knew that all these practices, all their time has been an utter waste?

So being one of the last veterans to have any ounce of concern for the guard and its future, I continually made visits to the Band Room to talk to Mr. A about scheduling our shows. And Mr. A would either say “Oh, Cookie/Michael is handling it” or “I’ll talk to them”. And then I would go to Cookie and ask for a list of shows and she would say “Oh, we haven’t gotten money from the school yet”. And then there’s Michael who says “Oh, your first show will be February 14th” – FYI, that is NOT 100% certain at all because our name is still not on the official list. So what am I going through right now?

Mr. A: Go to Cookie

Cookie: Go to Mr. A

Mr. A: Go to Cookie

It’s the SAME thing over and over again. I’m basically running around in circles for something that’s NOT going anywhere. For god’s sake, if the adults can’t handle the responsibility, they should just admit defeat. They shouldn’t pretend like they have everything under control or that they’re the big hero because they’ve “taken care of it”. Just give US the responsibility if you can’t handle it. Even if it means running a one-man show, I’ll make sure that our fees are paid – I’ll actually tell the guard that they have payments (gasp, what a concept!). Or I’ll go onto wgasc.org and actually SIGN us up. Because like I said before, it’s not about my shows in Senior year anymore. It’s about the freshmen who have started to love this art of performance and want a chance to breakout and show the world how good they really are.

Sappy right? But totally true. Let’s see if anything happens during this week to patch up my view on adults.

<3 A.


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