Before and After

Hey kids,

So this weekend was quite interesting. I got my report card in and like I emphasized before, it wasn’t up to my parents’ standards. Of course, one can never achieve my parents’ expectations because they always want more. For example, after I got all A’s, they determined that A’s were not sufficient unless they were A+’s. Yeah, I know . . . -.- . So because of this, I was basically under house arrest for the entire weekend. I got lectured all weekend about how I have to stop having fun (really now?) and at least pull everything together for this last semester because who knows if I’ll survive in college. Again, this is completely absurd. As Diana put it, do grades really determine whether we’ll survive in college?

Anyway, so I spent most of my time in my room on my bed, watching the time go by. You know what’s funny? We often don’t see the shortness of time until the halfway mark’s over. For example, you have to get up at exactly 7:30. When its 7:24, you have this feeling as if there’s all the time in the world. And then you take a quick glance again and realize it’s 7:26. Suddenly it’s as if time has accelerated and now you become aware of your lost time. Another example? Winter Break. Before Christmas, you feel as if you have all the time in the world. However, once Christmas is over, you suddenly see your break shortened and realize the looming amount of homework in front of you.

So why is it that we never appreciate our time? We let is waste away and idly watch. It’s kind of like an old sweater. Threads slowly unraveling without any notice until a big hole appears. And how ever much we try to tie the threads together, the knots will eventually loosen and then that part of the sweater will be lost. And if we’re not careful, the entire sweater will soon go to waste to the point where we’ll look back and weep with regret.

Alright, so why this emo note? Just because I feel like time is precious and therefore shouldn’t be wasted on trivial things such as grades or statuses or altercations. So even though I wasn’t able to go out into the world this weekend like I planned to, I still was able to make the best out of the time I had so that there were no regrets. And with that, I leave you with these two photos that just make me adore the Obamas more and more (:

<3 A.

awwww, they exchange a little look (:
Awwww, he gives her his coat and they share a secret smile!
Awwww, he gives her his coat and they share a secret smile!

2 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. And how ever much we try to tie the threads together, (or tape…remember that red turtleneck you wore at cyclone?) :P

    I really like this blog…and every other blog you write! But this one especially. :)

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