“Stubborn from the start”

Hiya kids,

So this isn’t a new concept or anything, but I just can’t stop fathoming over how stubborn I am. I mean, there’s the good kind of stubborn, where you won’t stop until you finish the job, etc. But my kind of stubborn is just EXCESSIVE. Oh and believe me, I know where I get it. From my lovely mother. Example? For our Leo New Year’s Eve Party I TOLD her it wasn’t necessary to buy any junk food . . but nooo, she makes up this lie that my father demanded the food and buys everything. For what? For nothing . . so now we’re left with a pile of junk food which is a sin to just look at -.- . And a couple of days ago, this stubbornness almost cost me a dear friend. Is it human nature to always want to be right and never back down from one’s platform? I mean, we try to so hard to be the perfect ones, the ones who always know right from wrong . . but can this disillusioned vision cause us to actually commit a wrong? It’s like another topic Diana and I were talking about during our weekly walk/run on Steep Canyon Trail. How many times have you heard your parents say “Listen to me, I know what’s best for you?” Honestly, how can an adult say that? I mean sure, they may have had the right to say that when you were much younger, but once you started school and got involved in all these activities, you basically spend more time with your peers and your friends. I mean, on an average, not counting the hours you sleep, you see your parents for about 3-4 hours, and that’s if there’s a little amount of homework. So how can your parents “know you best”? This is why I can’t wait to go to college, so that I can finally “find” myself without my parents’ morals holding me down. I mean, they brought me up well, they should trust that I will make the right decisions in life.

So in less than a month, it will be Winter Formal, and like always that HC/WF/Prom fever is spreading. In girls, its quite noticeable, because even the sensible ones start daydreaming about going to the dance and being asked by that special guy. So in order to make this “vision” come true, they start leaving these cryptic comments to their guy friends in order to pass on the message that they REALLY want a date to _____. Kind of lame right? But hey, I would be a hypocite if I said I’ve never been consumed by this fever. In fact, as all my good friends are being asked or planning to ask another, I’m starting to wonder if I should go to winter formal. BUT HONESTLY, once the day of the dance has passed, it’s all basically over. That fever, the yearning to go, everything. Sp just hold on there and in less than a month it will all be over. AND THEN COMES PROM – which I personally believe EVERYONE should go to. So keep that thought in your mind . . . no Winter Formal means FULL-OUT for Prom (:

But it would still be nice to go . . . i know -.-

Ahhhhh, I admit it . . . I am addicted to coffee and brownies . . . I HAVE A PROBLEM! Haha, but honestly, its not my fault . . my mother is the one who buys the brownies even after my several pleas for her to buy healthy stuff. I mean, if you place wine in front of an alchoholic, they will be sure to drink it. Likewise . . . the brownies are disappearing before my eyes . . . mannnnnnnn. If I decide to go to Winter Formal, this is totally not helping my dress -.-. Now the coffee on the other hand is to keep me awake. I had to wake up early this morning to study for Bio final (AHHHH, I HATE IB BIO), and since I slept late due to watching the Golden Globes – which by the way reminds me

*** Note to self: MUST go watch Slumdog Millionaire – it got a LOT of awards including Best Motion Picture

I didn’t exactly get the preferred 8-9 hours of sleep. But really, who in Diamond Bar honestly gets that much sleep? A good night would be getting an average of 6 hours and a regular night is 4 or less. But nonetheless, I’m quite content at the moment as opposed to last night. I’ve got my friends and Gossip Girl/One Tree Hill is on tonight! Oh and the only final tomorrow that COUNTS is Chemmmmm (: Chem > Bio! Also, another acceptance letter . . this time for University of Pittsburgh (:

So Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania – which state will allow me to make a difference? We’ll seeeeee

<3 A.


3 thoughts on ““Stubborn from the start”

  1. Me. :D jk. but seriously mom, you MUST watch Slumdog Millionaire; it’s such a good movie. Perfect love story; great plot; and good Bollywood dancing (no lie). i’m glad heath ledger won for as Best Supporting Actor as the Joker :D.

    All your colleges are EAST COAST. T.T Come back and visit us.

    Your sensitive son,


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