Life Passing By

Hey kids,

So yesterday was one of those days that passed by so quickly that it made you wish that time could just stop still for a little while. I mean, our life has been accelerated to the point where no one can really stand still and look out at the scenery. I spent the entire day trying to find a way to add music to this blog, and ended up unsuccessful. You would think a solution could be found, and yet hours of asking people and surfing the internet resulted in nothing. Night quickly comes by and after Diana points it out, I go outside and find myself face-to-face with one of the most breath-taking sights. The moon was absolutely gorgeous, so round and white, and the stars, you could actually SEE the stars in our currently-polluted environment. The only thing I could do, was stare at such a glorious site . . . but of course, the moment was shattered in a mere seconds when my mother called for me to come back in. You would think that someone from an older generation would appreciate the sight of the moon/stars even more than a teenager from this generation, and yet nothing . . . because her life has been consumed by daily concerns and work.

Why is it that one can spend hours in front of the computer wasting her life away, when going outside to look at the sky is a ludicrous notion? Who the hell knows . . . I just wish though that there was time to step outside and just breathe in the air and acknowledge the fact that I’m alive.

So I got another acceptance letter yesterday as well. That makes a total of 2: Virginia Commonwealth University and Stony Brook University. Virginia and New York. Will these new locations, or just college in general, allow me the freedom to just step outside and stare at the sky? Or will college become a new hell for me? You know, in exactly 5 months, I will turn eighteen. Eighteen. The big 1-8 that declares to all that you are now, officially an adult. I watch all of my friends who’ve turned 18, and they don’t seem as different as they were the day before. Is it because, although 18 dubs you an “adult”, one cannot be independent because of the situation he or she is in? I mean really, my 18th birthday will only mark that if I commit a crime, I will be tried in a court and possibly go to jail. No more cutting slack for me. So how will I ever assume full independence? Diana and I were talking . . and its true that I probably won’t become a “real adult” until 25 . . 27? When I can pay all my own bills and do not need to call out my parents for help . . . joy.

There’s more that I should let out, but I believe it should only be for a few eyes . . . so I’ll leave that for later. Greatest Story Ever Told – so here’s the song that I was trying to add onto my blog. No such luck ): But its such a beautiful song – especially for us, hopeless romantics.

<3 A.


4 thoughts on “Life Passing By

  1. see! it is the greatest love song ever (:
    congratulations on the acceptances!
    you’re gonna go to the stars (and see them for real!..and much longer this time…)

  2. wow Anantha, everything’s so deep… I totally agree with you on the whole college thing and how you think that our parents want to take things slow, but they’re actually the opposite of us. There’s the stereotype that teenagers these days are all about the quick life…BULL SHIT. And then there’s people like us…who are caught in the middle of ironic grade-obsessed parents and stopping to smell the roses (instead of crashing into them with your bike *cough* XD).

    Hmmm…I like this blog. :)

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