Hi kids (:

So yeah, Ivana kinda sparked up this idea of getting a blog, but it was after reading Rebecca’s blog that I realized I should definitely get one. I mean, how else will I be able to vent/release all those hidden emotions when I’m off in college and my “rocks” can’t be contacted? So your first thought might be, why not make up a journal/diary then? Well . . . when I was younger, I used to, but my mother would always find it, read it, chastise me for it, etc. So I grew up afraid of exposing myself in that way. *So the internet offers more privacy? -.-* Well it provides a little more freedom . . which god knows I need. So yeah, welcome to my blog (:

Serendipity. Such a strange word and yet it sums up my life: accidentally discovering something great. I first learned about the word when I watched the movie ( – haha,, such a greatsite . . . wayyy better than Wikipedia in my opinion. Anyway, so I looked up the word and I realized that it held such a beautiful meaning.

So it’s just a single word – big deal right? But like I said before, in more ways than one, I feel connected to it. It’s one of those unexplainable things . . . or I could just be plain mental -.-.

But an example? The word derives from ‘Serendip’, the old Persian name for Sri Lanka

So who knows what my life has in store for me? . . . we’ll see (:

<3 A.


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